Soil Moisture Monitoring
Weather Stations
Other Monitoring Systems
Sensing Systems to Improve Farming
We use our extensive experience with sensing systems to provide the best solution for your agricultural
sensing needs.
We know equipment needs to be:
•    Robust - your farm isn't a laboratory, gear needs to be built to last
•    Reliable - you need the data to be there when you are making your decisions
•    Relevant - it is easy to create data, but you need a decision
•    Reasonably priced - it needs to make you more money than it costs
Equipment we sell has been field tested so we can trust that it meets your needs.
Hardware and support
We know how to use our products, and how to make the data make you more profitable.
When we supply you with gear we can back that up with information to help you get the most out of your purchase.
Our experience with this equipment is local - we know how to help Tasmanian growers make better decisions for Tasmanian crops, soils and climate.
We use this to provide you the support you need to make the most use of your data. From setting up graphs, to providing ongoing support on irrigation programs, we can help.
Monitoring how much water is in your soil is invaluable when deciding how much water to add, and when to add it.
We source a range of sensor brands and styles to ensure we can provide you with the best sensor to meet your needs. From single point sensors for use in hydroponic berry production, through systems designed to support irrigated broadacre crops, to deep sensors for tree plantations, we have solutions.
We can supply a wide range of weather stations to fit your budget and specifications.
If you have a monitoring requirement but don't know the best way to solve it, get in touch. We can advise on options to get the job done.
Data that goes to you is far more useful than data you have to collect. It gives you the information when you want it, with no time and effort. We supply a range of systems to give us the flexibility to build the most cost effective, reliable solution of data handling for your needs.
Advanced tools for modern agriculture