Precision Agriculture

Advanced tools for modern agriculture

Mapping Variability

Our services include:

•  Soil mapping with EM38 soil conductivity sensors.

•  Elevation mapping using high precision GPS

•  Waterflow modelling for planning drainage systems

•  Processing data from yield monitors

Viewing the Data

Ag Logic is proud to be the Tasmanian agent for the Vision Ag platform.
This purpose-built precision agriculture software suite was developed in Australia for Australian farming by Precision Cropping Technologies. It is simple to use, but has many powerful tools for any precision agriculture task.
Vision Ag is suitable to use for both farmers and agronomists. Ag Logic can provide full PA services using the software, or provide training to users who want to do more processing themselves.
Best of all, Vision Ag can be supplied free with data processed through Ag Logic.

Management Outcomes

All mapping requires a managment outcome to be worthwhile.

Ag Logic can work with you to make the most of precision agriculture, including integrating maps into

tractors, irrigators or spreaders.

We supply precision agricultural services to Tasmanian farmers.
High Precision agriculture can help you manage your paddock variability, but it can easily lead to confusion, wasted time, and no production benefit.
We have years of experience and we understand what tools work in our environment, to help you make more money out of your land.