Better information: better decisions

Ag Logic are Tasmania's precision agriculture and monitoring specialists. We bring the best in modern farming support to the state.

Precision Agriculture

Ag Logic specialises in precision agriculture. Our

advanced mapping tools measure soil and

topography variations.

Maps include:

• Soil type by EM soil survey

• Elevation

• Crop vigour

• Yield

We work with you to make the most out of

your maps, from variable rate fertiliser plans to

an optimised drain layout.

Monitoring Systems

Ag Logic designs and supplies monitoring packages for your operation to give you the information you need, at your finger tips.
We have extensive experience delivering monitoring solutions into intenstive horticulture, broadacre irrigated cropping and pasture production enterprises. We can advise you on which system will best match your requirements and your budget.

Ag Logic provide a range of specialised technical

services, including:

•   Site assessments for new development

•   F

rost and climate mapping


Irrigation advice

Specialised Services

Advanced tools for modern agriculture